Staffing Structure 2019


Jo Money 


Assistant Principal:                                                  

Belinda Karlsson


Junior Learning Community PLC Leader (Leading Teacher):                                                  

Leanne Moore


Senior Learning Community PLC Leader (Leading Teacher):                                                  

Hanna Spark  



The Foundation teachers are Samantha Patti (Collaborative Team Leader), Lisa Cardamone and Oliver De Ionno 


Year 1/2:

The 1/2 teachers are Erin Holloway (Collaborative Team Leader), Elle Avery, Robyn Kerr and Stephanie Zilic


Year 3/4:

The 3/4 teachers are Margaret Mullen (Collaborative Team Leader), Tyler Dickie and Erin McCourt


Year 5/6:

The 5/6 teachers are Angela Gowers (Collaborative Team Leader), Melanie Adams, Leoni El-Ara and Isabelle Evans


Specialist Teachers:

Visual Arts (F-6) and 3/4 Support-Stavroula Spiropoulos

Physical Education (F-6) and 1/2 Support-Matthew Trovato

Performing Arts (F-6) and 5/6 Support-Athanasios Lichoudaris

EAL (F-6)-Paola Farfaglia
LOTE (Indonesian)-Diane Patron

Kindergarten Staff:
Melissa Mecuri, Vishav Makol and Tiarnee Miller


Welfare Staff:                                                           

Primary Welfare Officer-Nicole Kendall

School Chaplain-Kimberly Almeida


Education Support Staff:                                                                            

Business Manager-Donna Plant                                                       

Office Assistant-Janet Burnham

Office Assistant-Kerry Looi   


Integration Aide-Paula Ainsworth

Integration Aide-Rosie Duggan
Integration Aide-Matt Ebsworth
Integration Aide-Melissa French

Integration Aide-Mary Nicolaou

Integration Aide-Liz Uyanik


IT Technician-David Bozikas
IT Technician-Nic Brady

Library Technician-Jan Cramp
Speech Therapist-Claire Gray

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