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Wellbeing Wednesdays

Smiling Minds   Smiling Minds Care Pack    Smiling Mind is a non-for profit web and app-based meditation program developed by psychologists and educators to help bring mindfulness into your life.  Smiling Mind have developed Digital Care Packs to support kids through COVID-19 and beyond.


Foundation Zoom

Foundation Zoom Every Thursday morning Foundation students engage in a whole group Zoom session, where they get to see their friends and share their stories. In Book Week, the teachers dressed up as the Three Bears and students were encouraged to dress up and eat breakfast together.

Harmony Day

Harmony Day  Glenroy Central Primary School has families from many cultures. To celebrate our school's diversity, each year we hold a Harmony Day celebration. Students, teachers and families dress in cultural outfits or orange. 

Anzac Day

Anzac Day  The school and kinder communities joined together to make wreaths and hold a ceremony to commemorate the sacrifice of our service men and women.