Student Wellbeing

We aim to maintain a safe, secure and positive learning environment which supports student and staff wellbeing and a community sense of pride.

We believe and reinforce with all our community that:

  • Students, staff and families have the right to feel comfortable and safe in the Learning Community and playground
  • Students and teachers have the right to do as much work as possible.



Glenroy Central Primary School has the services of a Primary Welfare Officer on four days a week and a school chaplain on two days a week to assist with student needs, attendance issues, family support and parent workshops.

These staff members also work with small groups of children in a range of areas including Making and Maintaining Friends, Building Resilience and Anger Management. These groups are adapted to specific needs in different learning communities. Our welfare staff is happy to discuss your child’s needs.

We also have access to a Psychologist on one day per week provided by OnPsych for those students who need more specific individual support. The welfare staff will guide you through the process to access this onsite service.


To promote the safety and well-being of our students we also run a number of programs across the school:


Better Buddies, an initiative of The Alannah and Madeline Foundation, helps students entering their first year of primary school to feel safe, valued and connected to the school community. The school pairs new primary school students with an older buddy.
Better Buddies is designed to help reduce bullying and create friendly and caring school environments. The Framework builds strong relationships and research shows children benefit immensely - with younger students feeling safe and cared for, and older students feeling valued and respected.


The Life Skills Group deliver wellbeing programs and endorsed professional development programs that focus on developing physical, social, emotional skills and attentional self-regulating strategies to cultivate wellbeing, resilience and lifelong learning.
Life Skills Group combines fundamental movement, positive psychology and cognitive affective neuroscience with scientifically proven mindfulness activities and yoga techniques to empower children with life skills to thrive in their personal and school lives. This program runs across the school in term 2.


Two days after school our Physical Education Teacher runs a range of sporting activities for an hour aimed at keeping kids active and building team and sports skills. The activities change from term to term.



This program is run with our senior students. The central aspect of RAP is the use of drama, art, sport, and mindfulness activities to provide our students with an opportunity to observe and discuss bullying situations and to safely practice positive intervention (bystander) strategies. Covered topics will include Cyber Bullying, Peer Rejection and Ostracizing, Physical Victimization and Threats of Harm, and Gender Violence and Homophobia.


Our teachers in the Junior Learning Community utilise the Early Action Behaviour Strategies that are part of the Royal Children’s Hospital CASEA Program. The CASEA program has been designed to assist schools and families to support primary school-aged children with their social, emotional and behavioural development. It aims to enhance skills in understanding and expressing feelings, as well as getting along with others.


Glenroy Central Primary School is one of the 500 schools in the state that have been provided with a Breakfast Club. This means supplies of food are delivered to us each term from ‘The Food Bank”. The Breakfast Club runs every morning at 8.30am in the gym foyer near the canteen. It is free and available for students. This is a fantastic addition to our school and helps us to ensure that all of our students start the day with a good breakfast and are ready to learn!

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