Welcome Message from the Principal Jo Money

Welcome to the Glenroy Central PS website.


Glenroy Central Primary school is a 21st century school with open flexible learning environments divided into four Learning Communities – Foundation, Years 1/2, 3/4 and 5/6. Our current enrolment is about 300 students. Our community is culturally diverse with a wonderful blend of students from across the world.


The focus for our school is always the students with a particular focus on literacy and numeracy skills. During the first two sessions of each day, we focus on maths and reading and every teacher in the school has an allocated role in the Learning Communities during this time to ensure all student needs are met.


We work in collaborative teaching teams within our Learning Communities and collaborate through joint accountability and responsibility, shared planning, common teaching practices as well as shared language and beliefs. We believe that curiosity and learning go hand in hand and we assist our students to direct their own learning by using thinking skills and their curiosity as learning strategies. We love students to ask questions, show enthusiasm and really engage in their learning.


The school also offers specialist programs in Auslan, STEM, Visual Arts, Performing Arts and Physical Education. Our staff are also committed to their own professional development and we work together on deepening our knowledge through research, refining our skills and using data to drive our teaching.


The staff, parents, students, community and I are committed to making Glenroy Central the best it can be!   


We are happy to talk to prospective parents about any queries or information regarding our school.

Jo Money