Student Learning

Glenroy Central Primary School implements programs that are organised according to principles of extensive educational research based on the best teaching practices to facilitate student learning.

The Learning Programs are structured to cater for individual student learning needs, in a supportive learning environment where students are given daily opportunities to read, write, speak, listen and participate in relevant, high interest numeracy lessons. There is also topic work that changes each term that aims to build the curiosity, knowledge and skills of our students.

The core subjects of Maths and Reading are covered the first two sessions of each day. These sessions are locked into our timetable and are not changed to provide consistency and structure. We have a set structure for these sessions that is clearly displayed and followed by teachers. Regular monitoring and testing are carried out to ensure all students are in a maths and reading group that best meets their needs.

Students are encouraged to take responsibility for their own learning, undertaking self-assessment, goal setting/ reflection and self-discipline. Our school values of Curiosity, Collaboration, Citizenship, Character and Caring form the basis of all that we do.

Teaching and learning programs cater for the needs of individual students to maximise student success by ensuring that each student is supported, motivated and challenged towards continuous improvement.

Team planning and teaching encompasses best practice in teaching and learning. Goals, priorities and school targets and benchmarks are identified in our School Strategic Plan and Annual Implementation Plan.

Parent participation is valued and encouraged. If you are interested and willing to assist in any way we would be more than happy for you to come and visit us to discuss how you can help. A Working With Children Permit Card is required to help in the learning spaces. These can be applied for online. When you receive this permit you will be added to our Working With Children Register.

Additional assistance in the Learning Communities is provided for students that may require extra support in their learning. This assistance can take the form of additional teaching groups, and targeted instruction to individuals or small groups of students that need additional support.

Teachers keep their knowledge and skills up to date to meet the needs of their students.

Glenroy Central Primary School looks forward to embracing and welcoming our new families to our Learning Communities.

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