All enrolments must be in person and a number of documents are required to enrol a child in a Victorian Government School. These include a birth certificate/passport and a complete immunisation certificate (up to age appropriate).

If you are not an Australian Citizen all relevant visas must be presented – there are different restrictions on a range of visas. Some visas may require you to go through the International Division. They can be contacted on 0396372990. 

If you are deemed eligible to enrol at our school there are specific enrolment forms that will need to be completed. These will be given to you by the school admin staff.

Visit https://www.findmyschool.vic.gov.au/ to ensure you are eligible to enrol at Glenroy Central Primary School.  View our enrolment policy

If you are within our zone please email the following to glenroy.central.ps@edumail.vic.gov.au:

Child's name:

Date of birth:

Visa number or residence status:

Parent name:

Family address:

Contact number:

Kindergarten attending:

Current School and Year Level (if applicable):

Any special requirements for your child we should know about (eg speech report):


***Please include a copy of your licence for proof of address, along with your child's birth certificate/passport, immunisation certificate and their visa (if applicable).

If you are not within our zone we will contact you and complete an expression of interest form. 

We will endeavour to contact you within 3 working days. 


Contact the school office for any further information on 9306 4144.



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