Staffing Structure 2021


Jo Money 


Assistant Principal:                                        Welfare Staff:                                      

Lisa Iapozzuto                                                   Nicole Kendall – Primary Welfare Officer

                                                                        Annette Peploe – School Chaplain                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   

Education Support Staff:                                                                                 

Donna Plant – Business Manager

Kerry Looi – Office Assistant                 


Integration Aides

Liz Uyanik                                 Matt Ebsworth

Robyn Graham                          Rosie Duggan

Mary Nicolaou                           Karen Widdison


The Learning Specialist for the Junior Learning Community is Samantha Patti.

Samantha works with the teachers in both Foundation and Years 1/2.

The Foundation teachers are Oliver De Ionno (Team Leader) Stephanie Zilic and Feeona Stenton.

The 1/2 teachers are Elle Avery (Team Leader), Crystal Giarrusso, Kara Cummings, Sev Suitela and Kelly Bougas


The Learning Specialist for the SLC is Margaret Mullen.

Margaret works with the teachers in both 3/4 and 5/6.

The 3/4 teachers are Erin McCourt (Team Leader), Tyler Dickie, Matthew Trovato and Thomas Cullen.

The 5/6 teachers are Lisa Cardamone (Team Leader), Liam Watt, Jacki Lonigro and Margaret Mullen.


The Specialist Teachers are:                                                        Ancillary staff

Visual Arts -                   Jacqui Hattrell                                          LOTE (Auslan) -             Lauren Stancliffe

Performing Arts –           Athanasios Lichoudaris                              Speech Therapist -         Claire Gray

Physical Education -       Cameron Milich                                         Library Technician -       Jan Cramp

EAL -                            Paola Farfaglia                                          IT Technician -               Nic Brady/David Bozikas

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths)–    Clayton Wimshurst

Tutoring/Intervention-     Chris Biggs, Kirstin Cheney and Courtney Chapman                                


Kindergarten Teacher:  Michelle Ives                                                   

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